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101 Note: Monday, 03/12/18, First Aide CPR class optional.

Harvey accuses the captain, Disko Troop of taking his money (which is later revealed to be on the deck Harvey fell from.) Disko Troop, captain of the We're Here, bloodies his nose but takes him in as a boy on the crew until they return to port. Through a series of trials and adventures, Harvey, with the help of the captain's son Dan Troop, becomes acclimated to the fishing lifestyle, and even skillful.

Great stories of the cod fishery with references to New England whaling and 19th century steam and sailing are intertwined with the "We're Here"s adventures during a season at sea.

Terry Jo was able to untie a 2' × 5' (0.6 × 1.5 m) cork float and launch herself onto it just as the ship sank.

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