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He was hired by the Rebecca Minkoff women’s handbag, shoe and apparel company as chief marketing officer, and later served as an executive vice president at the fashion magazine NYLON, after the publication merged with Socialyte.

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On the pot-centric side of NSFW there are “Danquets,” which Saynt describes as “cannabis supper clubs.” “We partner with various chefs throughout New York City who come in and create custom menus for our members to enjoy,” he says.

Saynt’s personal journey began a long way from the hipster Brooklyn scene of sex-and-drugs-based brand marketing. It was very difficult for my parents.” He and his parents lived for a time at his grandmother’s apartment along with an uncle and two of his cousins – whom he refers to as his brothers – after their father was imprisoned.

Born Daniel Santiago to Puerto Rican parents, he grew up surrounded by prostitution and gang violence in the Bronx of the 1980s and ’90s. (That uncle of Saynt’s eventually succumbed to heroin addiction and died.) “I had to sleep in my grandmother’s room,” Saynt says.

“My younger brother had to sleep in the bed with grandma [and] my other brother slept out in the hallway.” During middle school, after a group of young drug dealers tried unsuccessfully to recruit Saynt into their gang, one of them pushed him down a flight of stairs.

Just over a year ago, Saynt stepped down from his perch atop Socialyte – a digital marketing agency he co-founded with his ex-wife Beca Alexander – to run NSFW, which he founded three years ago, full time.

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