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Even with a genuine excuse — say, “My plane went down over the Atlantic and I had to swim back to shore” — this person has shown you a strong flaky side right off the bat and you should expect that flaky side to come up again… Q: Are there any other online dating prospects where you’d advise singles to proceed with caution? Early on, you’ll notice that many people join online dating sites following a breakup. Q: What’s coming down the pike for online dating in the future — whether it’s 5 or 50 years from now?

People tend to act strangely in the wake of breakups; sometimes they can’t manage a genuine smile, consume alcohol without turning bitterly nostalgic, or even just utter a sentence that doesn’t reference their (terrific? A: Online dating seems to be heading toward greater efficiency.

And I believe that the negative and positive effects of giving singles this kind of expanded access to potential dates are similar to the benefits and complications associated with expanding access to any type of resource.

Here’s one of the benefits: More choices can mean you’ve got a greater chance of finding happiness.

This is the kind of serendipity that online dating can foster amongst people looking for love. A: If something seems wrong, then something is wrong. Say you’ve been messaging back and forth with someone about setting up a date. Recovering from a breakup sometimes requires a warm body to erase that ex’s memory.

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