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She also ran a school in New York City for bright students that employed a curriculum of student-led exploration, as opposed to a teacher providing students with a more advanced curriculum they would encounter later in life.One unforeseen result of the launch of Sputnik by the Soviet Union was the immediate emphasis on education for bright students in the United States, and this settled the question whether the federal government should get involved in public education at all.

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He categorized people into gifted, capable, average, or degenerate, and recommended breeding between the first two categories, and forced abstinence for the latter two.

His term for the most intelligent and talented people was "eminent," and after studying England's most prominent families, concluded that one's eminence was directly related to his direct hereditary line.

and emphasized the importance of early identification, daily contact, and grouping gifted children with others with similar abilities.

Hollingworth performed an 18-year-long study of 50 children in New York City who scored 155 or above on the Stanford-Binet, and studied smaller groups of children who scored above a 180.

The main approaches to gifted education are enrichment and acceleration.

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