Define accomidating

Similarly, for example, working-class attitudes on school are: "Keep your head down and your mouth shut - if they don't notice you, then you can't get into trouble." Middle class on school: "Your school is there to help you learn, and teachers are there to answer your questions." Upper class on school: "It's a pity you have to spend your time with second-rate people but you'll get the real lessons of life here, when you come home for the hols." THE last two of these three terms are confusing.

The important division is between working class and owning class.

Ayrest Hua Hin located 5 minutes drive from Hua Hin town and away from the hustle and bustle.

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Define accomidating

This should, in most peoples' opinion, make me Working Class.

However, I am well educated, well read and enjoy classical music and fine art.

I was born in the slums of Derptown, but I dont work for anyone, I use my brain to make money, I answer to no one and I own my own house. If you buy an adequate television, you are middle class.

Im not sure what sort of television an upper class person has, possibly it is inherited at some point.

Guest rooms define hotel standards for comfort with open-air balcony layout and modern wood furnishings.

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