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That and the view of April on the verge of climax pushed Kelly over the edge.

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April's hand was stroking quickly now and she began to shudder as she neared orgasm. Her hands instinctively tightened on her pussy and her breath caught as she panted to a conclusion. A moment later Katie climaxed silently before sighing heavily. Sarah glanced at all the tired, satisfied faces, "Anyone in for a second round?

Her suction released, and her jaw shuddered slightly making it feel like she was nibbling Kelly's nipple. Sarah breathily and quietly announced, "Time." That snapped April out of it and she sat up quickly bumping her head into Kelly's breast.

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You can't say no, but after every round, anyone can quit" Sarah nodded, "I think it's the wine talking, but I guess I'm in." Kelly smiled broadly, "I'm totally in. She handed hers to April who held up the nursing bra. She frowned and slid it under her shirt and put it on. I feel like a little girl in this thing." Kelly also checked the tag and rolled here eyes -- B cup.

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