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Then pray for the update to permanently fix this issue. If I understood them correctly this update includes the "space.gpx" file mentioned above.

So, if you do the update you will be installing the sacrificial file that should take care of the software installation problems this thread has been addressing.

A few hours tells me something is seriously wrong with either my nuvi or the the software.

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Using My Dashboard to download updates is preferable under the present circumstances because My Dashboard does not automatically eject your Garmin disk.

If the last file is simply a sizable sacrificial text file then the update will load fine when the unit is ejected.

The solution is to e-mail Garmin Support and ask them to send you a file called "" This is a text file that you drag onto your Garmin Disk on the Desktop BEFORE ejecting the disk.

If anything gets corrupted, it will be this "space.gpx" file which has no value except that it is a sort of sacrificial file.

All your errors related to this device will be solved by us.

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