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Crash deformation is good, and the vehicle can sustain multiple frontal impacts before failing.

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Like the Police Cruiser, acceleration is good, engine durability is very good, top speed is above average, and braking is acceptable.

The engine of the Taxi will emit a knocking noise whilst the vehicle is idle and when the player releases the throttle after revving the engine.

From Grand Theft Auto III onward, the Taxi is usually based on the same model as the Police car from its respective game: The Vapid taxi shares the same body design as the LCPD Police and NOOSE Cruisers, and its chassis is not used in any non-fleet car (although the civilian variant appears in GTA V).

The taxis share the same rim design as the LCPD cars and NOOSE trucks.

The GTA III rendition of the Taxi possesses almost identical handling properties to that of the Kuruma.

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