User control updatepanel not updating canadian women dating site

Because we will be programmatically updating the Update Panel, we need to set two attributes - Update Mode and Children As Triggers. We do not want the Update Panel to Update all the time (hijack all Post Backs), so we set this to Conditional. Thanks, Atanu Children As Triggers has been true all along.

I am having some difficulty with an Update Panel Control, which holds a series of Tables with Controls.

When all of these are in the Update Panel, their Post Back should cause an Update.

Not even if I in the click event for this button call the click event for the button which is directly in the Update Panel.

The code is here: The file: This is what happens when I click on the Link Button (Which is the Label Link - my own class): void date_Click(object sender, Event Args e) And finally what happens when I click the OK button the date Modal Panel: protected void date Modal OKButton_Click(object sender, Event Args e) Please forgive the mess :-) I have been trying more or less everything for the last three days.

In the example, the employee-detail user control contains an "SELECT Person.

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