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The first approach that may come to mind is to add an identity column to your table if the table does not already have an identity column.

We will take a look at this approach as well as looking at how to do this with a simple UPDATE statement.

we are updating a field in sql and alter-8

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The Arango DB Query Language (AQL) is similar to the Structured Query Language (SQL) in its purpose.

SQL Server parse and compile time: CPU time = 0 ms, elapsed time = 17 ms. Scan count 1, logical reads 23751, physical reads 0, read-ahead reads 0, lob logical reads 0, lob physical reads 0, lob read-ahead reads 0.

In this step we are doing an UPDATE to the table and for each row that is updated we are updating the variable by 1 as well as the id column in the table.

Tillman noted this issue on a table that had over 11 million rows and Steve mentioned this issue on a very large table as well.

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