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But that was before two brain scans that the 11-month-old had on Sunday, his first since April.

He had an MRI scan and an electroencephalogram (EEG) to monitor brain activity for more than 30 minutes.

Charlie's parents recently released a new photograph of their little boy where he appears to be looking at a toy to debunk his doctors' claims he is blind.

And last Friday, the judge made it clear it would be illegal for Charlie to travel to America without his permission.

The parents' barrister Grant Armstrong said the parents were of the view that legally it was up to the hospital to change its mind and allow Charlie to be transferred.

Great Ormond Street refused to tell Mail Online on what basis that decision was taken. Police could be called in to facilitate treatment being ended if parents were violently preventing it - although it is highly unlikely this would happen.

Doctors are more likely to try to 'persuade' parents to let it happen.

His doctors say he is blind, deaf, unable to move and badly brain-damaged and believe it is 'cruel' to let him live any longer.

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