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I get dutch dried apricots from Fred meyers that are far (YMMV I guess) tastier then the standard packaged dried apricots and for about half the price. Its just not something I worry about, but then I also eat berries off the raspberry bush in back even tough who knows what has crawled on it and work in an ER where, well, grossness happens.

Plus a lot of bulk stuff you cook in some way (coffee, beans/peas/rice/pasta, etc) so I don't see why it would be a major issue, though I would support cutting off then hands of anybody who digs the stuff out with their bare hands.

Its great buying 36 cents worth of oregano to fill up my spice jar instead of a $3 plastic bottle that Im going to empty out and throw away. Bronner was pretty whackyhave you ever read those labels? I do enjoy the bulk (as in scoop) options and I don't know about elsewhere but the Fred Meyers near me has a fair amount of bulk dried fruit, beans, peas, rice, etc, a whole aisle of it.

And the Winco in Vancouver has a large amount of bulk stuff including rice, pasta, candy, dried fruit, beans, etc, etc.

bitch "forgot I was pregnant, since she never has been pregnant herself." I spread my grocery dollars out, depending on what I want.

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