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The deal on NBC's "Card Sharks," hosted by Jim Perry, above, from 1978 to 1981, was twofold: Contestants had to predict what percentage of Americans provided a specific answer to a survey question to earn playing cards to beat their opponents in a variation of Blackjack.

Bob Eubanks was master of ceremonies when CBS brought back the show in 1986.

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tending of grazing cattle (A.); ca_ran (B.)(CDIAL 4758).

carav to let eat, graze (Gypsy); cary, cari, cara_ to herd cattle (Wg.); cara_y (Dm.); car (Tir.

Hal March, above right, hosted the popular quiz show "The ,000 Question" from 1955 to 1958.

: sittha, sittha_ bowstring (Pkt.); s'it (M.)(CDIAL 13400).

ce_la; ci_ra (Te.); se_la (Ka.); ci_la (Ma.) cloth, garment; ci_lai-k-kutumpai yoruka_tu (Tiv.

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